FDA Retail Food Labeling Regulations Requirement – Virtual Bootcamp
Virtual Boot Camp
Retail Food Labeling – Everything you wanted to know
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Understand the New Food Labeling Regulations and Ensure Compliance and Successful Retail of Your Products!
The regulations for labeling food can be overwhelming at best. Recently, there have been numerous changes to the regulations, resulting in increased liability for companies. It is now more important than ever to ensure you have a labeling expert on your team.

This virtual bootcamp with food safety expert Natasha Rowley-Phipps will break down the complex regulations into manageable pieces of information. Every aspect of the regulations will be discussed, from the required to the optional requirements. You will gain a deeper knowledge of food labeling regulations, the resources available for you within the government websites, and a reference presentation from our expert for your use. This bootcamp will be a helpful foundation for those that are just beginning to tackle this subject as well as provide a review for those who need to freshen their knowledge.
Session Details
Hour 1: Introduction, Approach and the FDA Elements of Packaging
The FDA has recently opened public consideration on the redefinition of “Healthy” under the FDA’s 1993 Final Rule. Organizations wishing to make the “healthy” claim on their products need to be updated with the current guidance. The FDA also changed the Food Labeling Requirements that affect the serving sizes, display of total calorie values and contains changes to Daily Value (DV) of essential vitamins. This session will offer insights into the FDA’s regulations and requirements for food labeling, covering:
  • History and Impact of Food Labeling – Why is this required?
  • How to find and understand the regulations?
  • Where and When is Labeling Required
  • In depth review of the first three elements of required labeling

Hour 2: Continued FDA Elements of Packaging, Allergen Labeling, and Restaurant/Food Service Requirements
Food labeling claims are an essential aspect of your product marketing, however they are regulated by the FDA and organizations must be aware of allowable and unallowable claims. Getting an in-depth review of food labeling regulations can help you avoid claims liabilities and litigations. Avoid enforcement action by the FDA by understanding:
  • Continued in depth review of the last two elements of required labeling
  • Requirements for labeling with restaurant and food service labeling
  • Overview of USDA requirements
Hour 3: Claims, Certifications, and Other Packaging Considerations
GMO labeling in the US has being undergoing changes and understanding the regulation of GMOs by the FDA and the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015, known as the “DARK Act” is essential for organizations labeling GMO products. Recent changes to food labeling requirements and changes to essential nutrients are also underway. Understand how to use claims for packaging and labeling through:
  • Defining and understanding how to apply claims to packaging
  • Certifications and how to use these in packaging
  • GMO Labeling Update
Hour 4: New Nutrition Facts Regulation Update (2018 and 2019)
In 2016, the FDA announced the new Nutrition Facts label to reflect the link between diet and chronic diseases. The new labeling requirements will require “added sugars” in grams and as percent DV to be on labels. DVs of vitamins and minerals will be changed, nutrients required or permitted are being updated and trans fat and saturated fat are now going to be included on the label. Learn about the effect of these and other changes in this session, which covers:
  • Update to the Nutrition Facts
  • New regulations
  • How do we transition and become compliant with new regulations
Who Should Attend?
  • Corporate or facility regulatory professionals
  • QA and QC managers
  • Packaging & labeling professionals
  • Production managers
  • Marketing & advertising professionals
  • Graphic design professionals
  • Food scientists and technologists
  • Food safety personnel
  • HACCP coordinators
  • Government food inspectors
  • Legal counsel
About Our Speaker
Natasha Rowley-Phipps has more than 18 years of experience in food quality, nutrition labeling, manufacturing and research. She graduated from the Kansas State University receiving her B.S. in Bakery Science Management with further studies in a master’s program of Cereal Chemistry. Early in her career she held positions within the USDA Grain Marketing Research Center and AIB International, collecting and analyzing research data. Her career focus then progressed into restaurant quality assurance with several top QSR’s. During this time her primary responsibilities were nutrition labeling, vendor audit programs, and restaurant food safety management. After this she took a position within manufacturing quality with a top gluten free producer of baked products. Her responsibilities within this role included retail product labeling, developing all quality and safety programs, analytical laboratory management, and sanitation program management.
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