2018 Home Care
Virtual Boot Camp
Presented By: Sharon Litwin & Melissa Abbott
Pre-recorded (240 Minutes)
Overview :

Recent updates to the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and the 5 Star Rating program pose significant challenges for home health agencies. While deficiencies in a star rating can help you evaluate your shortcomings, they’ll also affect your bottom line. Ongoing, coordination of care is critical to improve your agency and patient outcome, but is often a difficult goal to achieve.

Looking for answers? Join healthcare experts Sharon M. Litwin and Melissa Abbott in this comprehensive program designed to clarify the crucial role clinicians hold in performing and scoring OASIS assessments—and how that translates to improved outcomes.

Litwin and Abbott will detail exactly which items lead to high Star Ratings. Plus, you’ll get the guidance you need to develop and implement a top-notch care management model so that patient interdisciplinary teams work effectively together to coordinate care—regularly and for the long term.

If you’re struggling to comply with new CoPs and improve your Star Rating, this virtual boot camp is for you. The speakers will teach you how to analyze OASIS outcome reports, how to properly conduct comprehensive assessments, how to improve communication among case management personnel (including aides!), and how to increase the effectiveness of your interdisciplinary teams. After attending, you will be equipped to ensure OASIS accuracy and consistency, improve patient and agency outcomes, and—ultimately—boost your 5 Star Ratings.

Session Highlights

This comprehensive program will teach you to:

  • Understand the OASIS outcomes being measured and how to analyze them
  • Select the outcome measures to focus on
  • Comply with care coordination regulations & CoP rules
  • Understand what you need to do to earn a high 5 Star Rating
  • Develop indicators and monitor ongoing progress to improve selected outcomes
  • Audit OASIS clinicians to develop education plans
  • Conduct a comprehensive OASIS assessment
  • Implement a successful care management model
  • Ensure clinicians are coordinating care at SOC and through the HHA admission
  • Identify, define, and develop a care management system that meets individual patient needs
  • Understand the importance of delivering goal-driven care versus task-oriented care
  • Streamline the processes for admission, re-certification, and discharge
  • Record all coordination-of-care events (without increasing documentation time)
Session Details
Session 1: OASIS And Your Agency’s Outcomes And Star Ratings, Part 1

Speaker: Melissa Abbott | Length: 60 Minutes

Understand outcomes reported in CASPER OASIS Outcome reports & HH Compare so that you: know how to analyze the reports, can impact outcome scores, and increase your 5 Star Rating.

Session 2: OASIS And Your Agency’s Outcomes And Star Ratings, Part 2

Speaker: Melissa Abbott | Length: 60 Minutes

Clinicians must perform comprehensive assessments in a consistent and accurate manner at every OASIS timepoint, including discharge, to have true and accurate outcomes.

Session 3: Care Management Model – For Interdisciplinary Care Coordination, Compliance With New CoPs – How To Implement Care Management Model In Your Agency, Part 1

Speaker: Sharon Litwin | Length: 60 Minutes

It’s vital that clinicians remain in close communication for effective case management, so you must establish guidelines to hold them accountable to staying connected. Be sure to pull the entire patient’s team into this ongoing communication, including the aide! This session will provide simple strategies for effective interdisciplinary team approach in order to implement a care management model in an agency.

Session 4: Care Management Model – For Interdisciplinary Care Coordination, Compliance With New CoPs – How To Implement Care Management Model In Your Agency, Part 2

Speaker: Sharon Litwin | Length: 60 Minutes

Review compliance with new CoPs and the new coordination of care regulations. For example, the physician, patient, caregiver, and representatives are part of the coordination of care during the course of home health. All team members caring for a patient must have ongoing, frequent coordination of care in order to meet goals and improve outcomes—and this must all be documented in the clinical record.

Who Should Attend?
  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Administrators
  • Clinical Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Nurses
  • Field Staff
  • Office Staff
  • Physicians
About Our Speakers

Sharon M. Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA, HCS-D, Founder and Senior Managing Partner, 5 Star Consultants, LLC (2003 - Present)


Sharon Litwin, founder and senior managing partner of 5 Star Consultants, a national consulting and coding firm specializing in homecare and hospice services since 2003.  Sharon was a
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Melissa is a registered nurse with experience in a variety of health care settings with the majority of her nursing experience in home health care and hospice where she was a clinician working in the field and then later became an administrator of a hospital-based home health and hospice agency. In 2017, she joined 5 Star Consul
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