Medical Billing
From Front to Back Virtual Boot Camp
Presented By: Barbara J. Cobuzzi
Pre-recorded (240 Minutes)

If yours is like most practices, you’re probably seeing more and more patients with high-deductible plans, HSA policies, and other third-party payers that work hard to delay payments—or, worse, not pay at all. To overcome these obstacles, you must optimize collections.

Learn how in this information-packed webinar with expert speaker Barbara J. Cobuzzi. In this four-hour boot camp, she will cover all the key elements a successful medical billing operation needs to put in place—from the time the patient makes his appointment until you receive payment in full. This boot camp will highlight the crucial steps to take to ensure your practice gets the payments it deserves for services rendered.

After attending this virtual boot camp, you will understand how to set up your practice’s processes to improve your collections—and optimize your compliant revenue. You will have the tools to hold third-party payers accountable for their share of the bills. Most important, you will be equipped to collect every dollar you’re owed in the most efficient and compliant manner!

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what you will uncover:

  • How coding, documentation, and billing all fit together
  • Which latest tools can best assist billing staff in efficiently and compliantly collecting outstanding balances
  • Which compliance issues you must address to stay out of hot water with the feds
  • Where patient responsibility starts, and how can you encourage a patient to fulfill his responsibility
  • What the insurance company’s responsibility is, and how you can make sure it pays what you’re owed
  • When is the right time to involve a collections agency (The answer may surprise you)

Session Agenda

This session will cover:

  • The billing process
  • Who/what effects the success of the billing process?
  • Front end roles and responsibilities
  • Insurance verification
  • Check-out decisions
  • Starting the billing process
  • Clinical staff involvement
  • Documentation expectations
  • Medical record documentation
  • Components of E/M
  • Advance beneficiary notices
  • Signature requirements
  • Collecting patient balances
  • Insurance company recoupments
  • Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) Edits
  • Global surgical package
  • CMS-1500 completion tips
  • Software in the practice
  • Coding versus reimbursement
  • Reimbursement
  • Medicare vs. private payers
  • Level II appeal objectives
  • Provider vs. patient appeals
  • Private payer issues
  • Need for appeals process


What’s More

This immersive Virtual Boot Camp will teach you everything you need to know and the specific processes you need to put into place to transform your billing practices. Take a deep dive into topics such as:

  • Assemble your billing dream team – find out who affects your billing process
  • Discover the insurance-verification tricks that you’ve never heard about before
  • Learn how to make crucial check-out decisions so you can start collecting the money ASAP
  • Beware: How “courtesy discounts” could get you into hot water for billing fraud
  • Debunk your misconceptions -- get everything you need to understand about Advance Beneficiary Notices
  • Go through the charge capture process step-by-step to stay compliant and get the reimbursement you deserve
  • Get the tools to understand the rules -- AMA coding, CMS and payer rules, and more!
  • Find out the best way to handle self-pay patients and increase collections
  • Demystify CMS 1500 forms with a comprehensive, can’t-miss tutorial
  • Learn how to protect your practice from the most common payer excuses to underpay or refuse to pay bills
  • Employ the secrets to achieving a 100% success rate on appeals to CMS and private payers for rejected claims!
Session Details
Part 1: Billing from Front to Back
Length: 120 Minutes
Part 2: Billing from Front to Back
Length: 120 Minutes
Who Should Attend?
  • Administrators
  • Billing office managers
  • Billers
  • Billing company owners
  • Physicians/Provider
About Our Speaker

Barbara J. Cobuzzi owns CRN Healthcare Solutions which provides value added provider consulting services. She holds a B.S. in industrial engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from New York University. She holds certifications from the AAPC as a CPC (certified physician coder), COC (certified hospital outpatient coder), CPC... Read More

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