Prepare for an FDA Food Facility Inspection:
Virtual Boot Camp
Presented By: Angela Bazigos
Pre-recorded (180 Minutes)
Prepare Your Food Facility for a Successful FDA Inspection - How to Comply with the Agency’s Laws and Regulations
Overview :

Every year, millions of Americans get sick—and some even die—because of foodborne diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And thanks to the Food Safety Modernization Act, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is out to curb that largely preventable problem. For food producers, that means you’d better expect—and prepare for—scrutinizing inspections.

Join regulatory compliance expert Angela Bazigos as she tackles food safety and the FDA’s inspection process in detail in this live audio boot camp. Bazigos will walk you through the FDA’s oversight program and teach you how to comply with the agency’s laws and regulations. She’ll also instruct you on what to do when problems emerge. Plus, you’ll get an insider’s take on how to ace an FDA inspection by following the very checklist the agency uses to spot your deficiencies.

After attending this comprehensive audio event, you will understand: food safety basics, the inspection process, common problems areas, and special considerations for foreign facilities. You’ll come away equipped, not only to prepare for an inspection, but also to handle any citations issued—and to prevent future tickets from being written. If you are in the food industry, attending this soup-to-nuts regulatory compliance boot camp should be a requirement.

Session Benefits:
  • Food safety basics
  • The essentials of food inspections and how they are conducted
  • Problem areas
  • The food inspection checklist used by the FDA and how you can use it to prepare for an inspection
  • The foreign food facility inspection program
  • How to prepare for a successful inspection
  • How to respond to any inspection citations and how to prevent future ones
Session Details
Session 1: Introduction and FDA Food Inspection Basics

Length: 60 Minutes

Session Highlights

  • Food safety basics
  • Consumer survey on food safety
  • Food inspection basics
  • Food inspection goals
  • Communication with the food facility before, during, and after inspection
  • How the inspection is conducted
Session 2: How to Prepare for Food Inspection & Use the FDA Approved Checklist

Length: 60 Minutes

Session Highlights:

  • How to prepare for a successful inspection: rodents, birds, insects, bacteria, parasites, molds, and chemical contaminants
  • The FDA-approved food inspection checklist and how to use it
Session 3: Foreign Food Facility Inspection Program & Future Trends

Length: 60 Minutes

Session Highlights:

  • Foreign Food Facility Inspection Program: selecting foreign food facilities for inspection and notification of foreign embassies and competent authorities
  • Future trends in food facility inspections
  • How to respond to any inspection citations and how to prevent future ones
Who Should Attend?

FDA food inspectors and anyone in food manufacturing, including:

  • Operations
  • Safety officers
  • Compliance and QA
  • Shop floor workers
  • Washers
  • Microbiologists
About Our Speaker

Angela Bazigos is the CEO of Touchstone Technologies Inc. She has 40 years of experience in the Life Sciences & Healthcare Industries. Experience combines Quality Assurance, Regulatory Compliance, Business Administration, Information Technology, Project Management, Clinical Lab Science, Microbiology, Food Safety, Turnarounds and Business Development. Past employers / client... Read More

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